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        At NU IMPERIAL IMAGE PRODUCTIONS our mission is to be the best production company in the world.  We are creating a platform for the best actors from around the world to showcase their talent, by performing in stage plays. Nu Imperial Image Productions is not only working on plays, but also a web series and movies. We are rapidly producing masterpieces, being that our creative directors have been compiling their work for many years.
With a wide variety of genres Nu Imperial Image Productions hopes to touch the hearts of people in every audience. We have also built a very strong team of actors, producers, and directors who carefully craft each piece for your enjoyment.  Nu Imperial Image Productions is dedicated to giving viewers a first hand look into the lives of each character. You get to view each play from the eyes of the actor with well thought out dialogue and detailed scripts. We hope to leave an everlasting impression on everyone in attendance. The Nu Imperial Image Production team would like to extend a thank you in advance to out supports, friends, and family. Thank you from our family to yours.








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